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Building a Thriving Work Culture

Zenithr is an HR intelligence solution that increases agility by empowering decision-makers to make informed and enlightened decisions based on real-time insights generated by advanced analytical tools.

What is ZENITHR?

A People-focused Platform

A vibrant community of employees is the cornerstone of a business’s success. Zenithr brings people to the forefront with innovative HR technology that organizes your business, analyzes the employee experience and talent skillset, and produces your workforce’s data.

ZENITHR Services

Employee Experience

With this product of Zenithr, businesses can give their teams a voice, build a culture of transparency, and evolve their practices for the future. Transform your employees’ thoughts and feedback into plans and objectives with a cutting-edge platform designed to maximize teamwork and shape your business’s vision.

Employee Onboarding

Guide new members of your business through the ins and outs of the work culture and build their retention, productivity, organization, and happiness with our innovative tool.

Employee Engagement

Build value with your team to create a healthy and inspiring work environment. Retain the talent in your business to shape a team of dedication and commitment toward propelling the business in performance, profits, and impact.

Employee Happiness

Listen to your employees, understand their thoughts, and create a booming culture of teamwork and satisfaction. With Employee Experience, your business can transform your work lifestyle to improve your employees’ overall well-being to achieve your business objectives.

Employee Exit

Use our innovative tools to create a balanced and motivating culture to reduce turnover and create long-term employees.

360° Feedback

With proper feedback using our innovative tools, businesses can dive deeper into the thoughts and concerns of leaders and stakeholders. This can help you learn and adapt to the changing environments to, ultimately, grow your business and improve your processes.

180° Feedback

Get a wider view of all your business’s departments through managerial feedback and your team’s thoughts to improve your workforce, adapt your objectives, and develop a dedicated way forward.

Experience a Workforce Built on Innovation

ZENITHR Services


With Zenithr Assessments, businesses can transform their hiring and evaluation processes toward securing potential talent with the right motivation and helping current employees enhance and develop their capabilities.

Competency-Based Assessments

With a detailed and comprehensive analysis of existing and potential employees, our advanced tools can help businesses conduct various assessments from technical to behavioral. This way businesses can perform the needed tests to identify top performers and highly-skilled candidates.

Psychometric Assessments

Transformation begins in the mind with Thomas Assessments, a partner of Zenithr, which provides detailed psychometric assessments to unlock the potential of future leaders and study the mental capabilities and behaviors of employees. Click here to learn more about Psychometric Assessment.

Coding Assessments

Powered by technology and innovation, we partnered with DevSkiller to truly transform the talent acquisition process of various businesses with seamless alignment and coding assignments.

Streamline and Innovate Your Processes